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Nutritional supplements: There are many times in the course of treating certain conditions that nutritional supplements are essential. I make use of nutritional supplements for inflammation reduction, to speed healing, as well as to decrease pain. Nutritional supplements are advantageous due to their limited side effects. I always advise my patients that nutritional supplements do require a certain amount of patience because they are slower to react than medicines.

Nutritional counselling: Vitamins and nutrition has become a large national concern and are now a part of almost every advertising message of any company that deals with food. The question of separating good information from a sales pitch has become increasingly difficult. We offer our patients the ability to schedule time with me to sit down and discuss your nutritional concerns. We can help you with weight loss, weight gain, diabetic diets, and even anti —inflammatory diets.

Exercise and rehabilitation: One of the greatest benefits of sports medicine is the advent of modern concepts in exercise and rehabilitation. We now can target specific activities for a specific point in time in the lifespan of an injury or condition. We have exercises and activities for inflammation, for injury recovery, as well as strengthening and conditioning. This is such an important aspect of your recovery process and is often the most likely to be overlooked by patient and sometimes doctors as well. We are here to support you and motivate you to do the work necessary to enjoy a full recovery from your presenting injury.