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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is a spinal manipulation?  A spinal manipulation is the movement of a vertebra in the spine which is done to restore a more normal positioning of that vertebra. This return to a more normal position is responsible for alleviating irritation of nearby nerves and thus able to reduce pain.

  • Is this the same as "getting cracked in" ? Yes, but the term spinal manipulation or spinal adjustment is a more technically correct description of the treatment. The phrase "cracked in" is derived from the sound that occasionally occurs when a vertebra has been adjusted into its normal position.

  • Does an adjustment hurt? Thrust types of adjustments, where the doctor delivers a very quick and shallow "push" on the spine can cause some mild discomfort. This is usually due to tight muscles being stretch rapidly. This is why we favor the flexion distraction style of adjusting. The muscles relax through the treatment and many times will move into their normal position painlessly and spontaneously.

  • Will this take more than one treatment?  There are different phases of recovery through the course of an injury. Certain types of treatment are necessary for inflammation and paid reduction (the first phase of an injury). Other types of treatment are necessary for the repair and strengthening phase (the second phase of an injury). Other types of care and exercise are necessary for the rehabilitation phase (the most important and most often overlooked phase of care).

  • Can anything be given by a chiropractor for the pain? Chiropractors, by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law, are not permitted to prescribe medicine. Script medications are not what chiropractors use in the care of their patients, even if it was permitted. We make recommendations that are natural (and thus no side effects) for pain relief.

  • What is the difference between an insurance copay, deductible, and a premium? An insurance premium is what your (or you and your employer) pay per month for your insurance coverage. A deductible is a once yearly initial amount of medical expense that you must pay out of your pocket BEFORE your insurance starts to help pay your medical expenses. A copay (which is paid each visit) is the amount that you pay out of your own pocket in addition to the deductible that you are responsible for.

  • Can I bring my children to a chiropractic office for treatment? Children are very active, as we as parents all know. They are involved in so many activities that many times they have vertebral misalignments that cause them problems. These problems are usually brought to your attention as mood swings or changes in activity levels. Children are also very susceptible to sprain and strain injuries that if not treated can lead to more severe health issues.