Dr. Kirk Weber

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1808 Route 422 East Fenelton PA

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I am a second-generation chiropractor. When I combine my father's years of practice with my years of practice we have a combined number of years that exceeds 80! I also can proudly tell you that my son will soon be adding to that total. I take pride in the fact that we give a combination of outstanding service as well as the fact that we provide that service in an extremely compassionate manner. Our mission statement reads: We will always give the most complete, comprehensive, and conservative health care possible. Our goal is to make you healthy and happy in life. We understand that when you come to us you are likely in pain, nervous, fearful, and highly excitable. Our job is to not only help you resolve your problem, but to do it in a manner that is emotionally and physically comfortable to you.

My chiropractic treatment is primarily through the use of spinal distraction. This is one of the oldest and yet most modern techniques in chiropractic today. We use manual distraction as opposed to mechanical distraction. I feel that manual distraction offers me the ability to receive verbal and physical feedback from you as a patient as to how the treatment is being received. This allows for a more comfortable delivery of care as well as treatment that can be rapidly altered to meet the changing needs of the patient on the table.

We work diligently to meet the needs of our patients in treatment as well the needs of our patients as business clients. We accept Blue Cross/ Blue Shield insurance. We will bill other insurances as out of network physicians for our patients. We also offer various cash incentives for those who are uninsured. We offer a wide range of office hours to suit the needs of our patients as well as offering many ways to contact us in case of emergencies.