Massage near Kittanning

Dr. Kirk Weber


     Weber Chiropractic has been offering outstanding care for over 35 years. One of our hallmarks is taking time with you to explain your condition as well as to treat your condition. We want to make sure that you understand completely what your problem is, the mechanism behind the discomfort you are experiencing, and thus why we are treating you the way we are.


      A visit to Weber Chiropractic for the first time will involve a detailed personal health history, a detailed family health history, a history of the onset of your symptoms as well as the physical examination. The physical examination will include a postural analysis, orthopedic examination, and a neurologic examination. It is from this information that we can determine the cause of your health issue.


     We pride ourselves in doing all we can to get and keep the patient in the treatment care planning. Treatment planning is a dynamic activity that may change rapidly. The patient always has a voice in directing their care at Weber Chiropractic. We give you the treatment options and our opinion but you make the final decision.

     Our care and treatment includes such therapies as massage, vibration, physical therapy, in office exercise, flexion-distraction manipulation, diversified manipulation, extra-vertebral manipulation, and nutritional guidance. We are here to provide you with the most complete conservative care for your health issues that we can.

    We also offer the LX Advantage treatment payment package plans. These were designed to offer the patient that has zero Chiropractic insurance opportunities at a reasonable cost to design an affordable treatment plan to suit their needs. We also accept BC/BS and auto insurance cases.

     At Weber Chiropractic we offer our patients the benefit of massage therapy. We have two licensed massage therapists to give us the maximum availability possible for this highly beneficial service. Our therapists are kind, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of our patients.

     Massage therapy is an outstanding means of reducing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles, improving circulation, reducing stress, and relaxing your high energy levels. This therapy is an outstanding adjunct for the Chiropractic manipulation. It facilitates relaxed and loose musculature and thus far more gentle Chiropractic spinal manipulation.